Give, Grow, Grant

Client Solutions

Private Foundations

The World Giving Foundation can provide the services necessary to be the trustee of your Private Foundation or serve as an agent for you. We handle the administrative burden, including recordkeeping, tax filling, grantmaking, and investments. This allows you to focus on finding the best charities to support.

Advised Funds

Advised Funds are a solution for groups of people interested in an efficient vehicle for donating to charities. Typically, corporations, civic organizations, or individuals create a collective advised fund where the power of their donations is magnified because there are multiple donors. The organization will select a single primary advisor who directs the grantmaking, this prevents any confusion. The WGF gladly assists by handling all the administrative and investment needs.

Solutions for IRA Distributions

We at the World Giving Foundation provide solutions for utilizing required minimum distributions (RMDs) as a charitable giving tool. The most common is to give directly to a charity. This results in a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCDs). Contact us today to hear more about QCD and other strategies for your RMDs.